Monday, 27 December 2010

A Love Story

This is one article that inspires bad horror movies. At what point did this woman think to hop onto a corpse? Sometimes I wonder what attracts people to a partner but most of the time, in general society a heartbeat is somewhat necessary. But this article had a few parts that really made me chuckle.

1. The place is called Mourning Glory Mortuary

2. She got pregnant

3. Child support!

Unfortunately I’m sure this isn’t a legitimate article. Firstly as there isn’t Mourning Glory Mortuary in Lexington, secondly I seriously doubt you can get pregnant from a corpse. However with Rule 34 ( someone somewhere has probably made a bad taste film inline with this story.

Regrettable in fact I have seen it, trust me you're not missing out.

I have seen some terrible horror films but this is one of the worse, only topped by when evil calls (well actually evil uses texts in this film) and Maniacal (which my friend hated to much he broke the DVD into tiny fragments) it really doesn't live up to expectations of a gory, disturbing and bizarre, Autopsy: A love story only manages the bizarre. a the woman slowly 'decays' the makeup department just slaps a bit more green on, not to mention though most of the film you can see the 'dead woman' breathing! But its does go to that place where it’s so unbelievable bad in every possible way that it become a funny.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The restoration of art

The rain

Sometimes I don't realise I'm being a sheep conforming to the majority even if I'm disagree with them, I suppose sometime no matter know insignificant something can seem, you should do want you, want not is what is expected. Small things lead to bigger ones till at some point your actions are no longer your own and your not the person you want to be. Well this sneaks up its not just one day 'I am a sheep command me my liege!' more like a an intravenous drip, when the bag is empty you've successfully become a clone of everyone around you, which frankly leads to incredibly dull conversation. I'm not saying that everyone should go on a rampage of individualism but should just be themselves. A friend of mine brought a book and loved it, then another told him they thought it was awful, he instantly discarded it, but if it made him happy why shouldn’t he keep it?

So just to state this was originally written in summer my feeling about it would have changed if it was the winter time. (I'm not a fan of the cold)

There was a sudden heavy storm, everyone around was running to shelter from the rain, I stood for a while it a piss ridden corner (that unfortunately was the closest shelter) but after a while of avoiding the walls I realised how much I missed truly impressive storms. the start of the day was clear blue sky's and then (within what felt like seconds) the rain started to fall by the bucket load, I made me realise life was unpredictable, so I left the grim but dry corner and stepped into the torrential rain and walked, it felt wonderful on such a hot day, I may have looked like a drown rat but at least I was a happy one. Everyone around me was cowering from it, staring at me like I was insane because I wasn’t doing the same as them, I would rather be wandering in the rain than standing in that fowl corner like everyone else.

Gurus and Grasshoppers

Personally I think the Project was a success, not only did it help the first years get to grips with 3D but it helped them to ask for help, the main problem we faced at the start was that most of the first years were incredibly shy but after a while they relaxed.
Teaching and helping the first years made me realise that I have learn a lot whilst being here. when the Grasshoppers did turn up and practice they improved drastically in a short amount of time, this made it well worthwhile as well as making up for those that never turned up or submitted.
In one case we found one of the first years was really struggling with most elements of 3D which could have been an issue if he had continued to be confounded till assessment time but hopefully after Mark and me gave him a crash course he will have more of a understanding and been able to correct his previous models for the assessment.
Mark was amazing throughout, he taught them in a way that was coherent but thorough, and he will make an excellent teach one day. Mark really went above and beyond on this and I’m glad that I worked with him on this. It was disappointing that Zonygi rarely attended the meetings, her lack of attendance made it harder for Mark and me. 3rd years should only be part of this program of they really want to be otherwise it lets down everyone.

I defiantly think this program should continue but there need to be some structure for the Gurus to follow, such as a base outline and registers.


For my final major project I want to create something which is bright, organic but with some architectural elements, my first Idea is to create a formal garden earlier in the year I visited Hever castle which boasts impressive gardens surrounding the castle with varying areas such as a woodland area, rose garden but the area is so vast and large area of it a just grass it also lacks the architectural structure which I want to have in the project so I will include so elements of these gardens but not create the whole area, so I looked around at some other possible ideas.

My next idea was to make a small pavilion surrounded by plants but I dismissed this rather quickly as it just didn’t inspire me.

Finally I thought about creating a large greenhouse/conservatory which combines both the architecture and the organic.

This will be around which my FMP will be created the idea is to have the back wall part of a large house that the flows into a domed conservatory this will allow the brightness I was looking for. Within the garden I want a selection of plants varying from trees to flowers and a focal point of a working fountain. The aim is to create something technicality accurate as well as beautiful.

Before the projects starts I will be visiting Kew gardens so I can collect some first hand reference of a interior garden, after all it is winter so there is only a limited number of interesting plants around. Kew Gardens fits the brief perfectly as it is partially situated with a huge greenhouse.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


the internet is so slow in the countryside even a pigeon can beat it, maybe i should just start a pigeon farm or the royal mail should start sending post via pigeon, as long as the package wasnt to heavy then maybe a crane

Monday, 26 July 2010

read the comments

what is it about the internet that takes away there compassion?

26 July 2010 17:54:52
'So they gave this idiot a new face after he shot himself? They should be worrying about more deserving people dying in other countries than dummies like this one. I'd say this was Natural Selection, except he didn't die.'

really?! this guy had a face transplant which in itself is a medical feat and all that is posted its that he's not pretty and they would kill themselves.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mark Khaisman is an artist originally for Kiev Ukraine that now lives in Philadelphia creating innovative art works for Parcel tape on clear plastic so that when a light it shone from behind the piece it shows the layers as different shades to it. On top of the tape he then paints in the finer details to create a unique effect.
Without the light box these works look plain and somewhat strange but add the light and they completely change.

“It has nothing to do with love, nothing at all” is a good explain of how he uses the tape to portray depth and shining light. The figures have a nice movement and emotion to them even though there are no faces.

The way the tape is laid give the effect of fast motion in “You are Nobody but A Escaped Convict” this art style proves that art can be created with pretty much anything with enough though a ingenuity into it, and as a medium I actually rather like but I imagination it would take a while to perfect but it think I will give it a go at some point just to see what I can do with it. I imagination that architecture would work rather well something with plenty of angles and hard edges.


At first I was a little uninspired by the idea of the trash project but actually it was kind of nice to make something so straight forward, first year it no secret that I didn’t get on with 3dsmax but now is I’m not having so may problems with it, this project is good because it was only a 3 week project so I didn’t end up getting caught up with it but a bit more clinical. It really is rather satisfying seeing something finished and with time to spare instead of remaking and remaking over and over but still managing to make the same mistakes.

As for life drawing I have just come to terms that I don’t like charcoal there isn’t enough detail or control, I much prefer working with graphic pencils as it is nice to shade with but has the ability of finer details. I have also found I work much better drawing to music as I seem to loosen up and not over concentrate on one area which tends to kill it.

Bioshock 2

Bioshock was one of my favourite games until the sequel came out. it had all the elements of the previous game but it felt like the enthusiasm was gone. The quirky parts which within the first game weren’t overly obvious but when taken away made it feel repetitive. Small things like the vending machines no longer say the circus of values when interacted with it. Splicers have been changed so to look more mutated before but there is still there are only a few varying types of splicer which make the world boring and repetitive. The environments however are just as impressive as the first game.

The problem with the sequel is that it seems to take forever to actually get to the interesting part which comes along within the last hour of play when they new and inventive parts a introduced such as seeing the world though the eyes of a little sister.

The thing for me that saves it from true disappointment was the Big sisters, they protect the little sisters interest but the way the move is wonderfully graceful yet creepy. They are designed with the big daddy costume in mind but are slimmer fitting with a large extended needle so they have noticeably grown form the little sisters.

Bioshock 2 seems to really lack the passion of the first they should have left it be and moved onto another new game not making joining every other title which has been any sort of success in the mass of sequels which seem to get blander as time goes on.

bit of history

(Figure 1)

Duccio was born around c.1255-1260 in Siena, Italy. He worked mainly with pigment and egg tempera. The work which I will be focusing on (the main panel of the Maesta altarpiece, The Virgin and child enthroned in majesty) which is made with Tempera on Panel. This was commissioned by the city of Siena for the cathedral’s high altar. This would have been for all to see as it wasn’t for a private chapel like the lamentation by Giotto. (This was made using the Fresco style and afterwards completed in secco.) Duccio’s Virgin and child enthroned was 2.13x3.96m compared to Giotto’s The lamentation which is only 2.31x2.02m this is probably because it was done in fresco and therefore each section of it has to be done very quickly before the plaster can dry whereas which tempera there isn’t such strict time schedule. The effect of the fresco is that the people look more alive than in Duccio’s the virgin and child enthroned however in this painting they look more srcene. Both have a wonderful use of colour with the virgins rich blue clock and the blue sky in Giotto’s, in Giotto’s the people are well divided from the background and therefore stand out well.
(Figure 2)

Giotto has used fresco as his medium which is done whilst the plaster is still wet this means that the painting has to be done in small busts, lamentation (2.31x2.02m) is smaller than Duccio’s The Virgin enthroned which is done in tempera on wooden panel is quite considerably larger at 2.13x3.96m this could be because it doesn’t have to be done as quickly as fresco, these techniques give slightly different effects Giotto’s looks more defined so that everything seems to stand out more, however with the speed that it has to be done at there is less detail and smoothing to the shading on the faces which Duccio seems to have made his shading look smoother and therefore looks more lifelike.

The Lamentation is the fifteenth in the scheme of decoration on the Northern wall of the Arena Chapel in Padua, Italy. Before this is the crucifixion and after is the resurrection. This is an easy order to follow the story goes from the top left downwards then when it gets to the bottom it is continued next to the first image to the right.

Giotto showed influences from Nicola Pisano. Nicola Pisano showed several scenes of the biblical text in the Pisa Pulpit, c.1260 which is in the Baptistery in Pisa. The building of the baptistery was due to some recent navel victories in 1258. the shape of the pulpit is quite rare with its small polygon shape which means that it fits into the surrounds perfectly. It was also had influence as the a panel of it didn’t just show one depiction of the Nativity for example I had multiple scenes in one panel, for example in the Nativity (figure 3) has Joseph being appeared to by Gabriel the angel. And the shepherds which are following the star towards the stable which Jesus was born in.

Figure 3(Above)

Figure 4

Giotto Also showed influences and advancement on the work of Cimabue who was Giotto’s master. They both have detailed drapery whoever Giotto’s looks as if it’s showing the form of the people below there clothes whereas Cimabue Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Prophets (figure 4) the fold of fabric on her leg doesn’t look as if the knee is bent or out straight instead it curves in a unnatural manner. Giotto seems to add more emotion into his characters you can really see there pain and anguish at the death of their beloved lord. Cimabue’s Madonna enthroned is more presenting the Christ child with a satisfied smile, but none of the figures show emotion and movement like Giotto’s. In Giotto’s mourning of Christ it looks like the central man In peach is going to sweep down and hold the body any minute, and the Virgin mother holding Christ looks as though she is going to hug the corpse or stroke it.

Duccio was influenced by Simone Martini which is easy to see as the way they did the faces are very similar however what is more similar is Simone Martini’s The Annunciation and two saints and Duccio’s The Virgin and child Enthroned (figure 1) where both of the depictions of the Virgin Mary are wearing exactly the same coloursto symbolise there connection to heaven.
(Figure 5)

Catcher in the Rye

A little while back I read catcher in the rye which in my opinion was one of the most over rated classics I have ever read, the whole book seems to be about a irritating boy that wastes his money one ridiculous things not thinking of the consequences, he falls in and out of love with every girl he meets then slates then as soon as they point out that he’s ridiculous human being with no redeeming qualities he rips them. However part of the reason I particularly dislike this character is because he is very much like someone at home, probably the only reason that I continued to read it with sick fascination. The further into the book that I begun to realise that there is really is no point to the book and it really doesn’t warrant the status of a classic. People seem to automatically seem to think that because a book is a classic therefore it must be a good book and that to speak against it to show yourself as a uncouth fool, but why not really all I ever seem to hear (in relation to classic books) how wonderful but difficult they are but surely the reason to read a book is to enjoy it and gain something from it but to struggle though it just to say that you’ve read it seems sadistic. I read want I want to read not what I believe I should read which I have noticed isn’t the case with a few people that I know, one of them is actually attempting to read the Qua’rn purely to prove that she has read it. It should be a education or pleasure hopefully both and I don’t think I will be forcing myself to read anything like catcher in the rye of a long time, after reading that I honestly didn’t want to pick up a book of weeks.

group project

Working as a group we are creating a level in the style of the Resident evil use the queens building as reference. This will then be put into a game engine.

We need to create a realist and accurate representation of the queens building.
Firstly we will take reference photos of the area of the queens which we will be recreating and the concept the theme according to them. After this is completed and a good visual concept has been obtained we will white box the area using the unreal engine. This should be completed relatively quickly so more time can be spent on creating the assets. Assets will be documented the divided evenly amongst the group. (Sixteen assets each) By week 4 all assets should be modelled and the UVW unwrapping started. All asset should have a sensible tri count, bearing in mind the how much use the asset will have with the game i.e. a static object on the ceiling or something is to be interactive or close to the camera/ player. Texturing should use the concepts so everyone work fits together this should take at most two weeks so there will be time to sort out any problems and then to be placed into the unreal engine. Everyone is required to learn the unreal engine as to present there participates within the project.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

low poly self portait

character concept

vehicle concept

mood boards for mortal engines

Mortal Engines

I liked mortal engines, it’s a book I never would have thought of to read but very glad I did, it took a while to get the visual of London but it is a bizarre and fascinating world. The idea that we a human reach and technological peak and then lost it is fascinating when i think of the future its either a steady increase on technology or completely back to basics but this world is still mechanical but just not able to access the old tech.
This was a nice change of project I liked that we could make the vehicle etc without any preconception to what it would look like, which was a problem with the war of the worlds project, having the film version of the tripods stuck in your head does make it a wee bit difficult to design it so it doesn’t just come to another variation of that concept.
It was interesting seeing everyone’s interpretation of the same text, most projects had the similar theme but it’s a bit of an insight to another person’s imagination.

time management

It no secret that I’m not great with time management but this year I want to try and sort that out and actually plan when I’m going to do work, I need to use my time more constructively and I know that it is no-one’s fault other than my own. I would like to actually finish some 3d before deadline for once. So I’m going to actually sit down and have the trash projects done in time and to a reasonable standard so that I can have a bash at some personal work. I is about time to get my arse into gear a do work because I like this course and enjoy it but I’m really not working to any decent standard and it starting get to me but I know what to do so I guess I should start doing it.

Sell out

Something i have come to realise is that there is a thin line between good and bad but it makes or breaks the game. The worse thing is when a game that you’ve loved for year release one too many titles. It just seems that it’s not good enough having a game that is still entertaining even now that the graphical level of games has improved to a unrecognisable standard, and still making sales. Weird spin off games are made with hardly any real resemblance to the original, take sonic, one of the best loved games, then look at sonic unleashed...sonic turns into a werewolf(or were-hedgehog), when did someone sit there and decide that was a good idea. The whole game has too much boring and slow storyline that doesn’t really make that much sense, tails just appears with an excuse to why he hasn’t been there before and there is a replacement tails handily with amnesia. Basically it one of those games that only sells because of the recognisably title and not because it’s a good game. It a shame that its all about money and not creating good games.