Thursday, 18 March 2010

group project

Working as a group we are creating a level in the style of the Resident evil use the queens building as reference. This will then be put into a game engine.

We need to create a realist and accurate representation of the queens building.
Firstly we will take reference photos of the area of the queens which we will be recreating and the concept the theme according to them. After this is completed and a good visual concept has been obtained we will white box the area using the unreal engine. This should be completed relatively quickly so more time can be spent on creating the assets. Assets will be documented the divided evenly amongst the group. (Sixteen assets each) By week 4 all assets should be modelled and the UVW unwrapping started. All asset should have a sensible tri count, bearing in mind the how much use the asset will have with the game i.e. a static object on the ceiling or something is to be interactive or close to the camera/ player. Texturing should use the concepts so everyone work fits together this should take at most two weeks so there will be time to sort out any problems and then to be placed into the unreal engine. Everyone is required to learn the unreal engine as to present there participates within the project.

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