Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The rain

Sometimes I don't realise I'm being a sheep conforming to the majority even if I'm disagree with them, I suppose sometime no matter know insignificant something can seem, you should do want you, want not is what is expected. Small things lead to bigger ones till at some point your actions are no longer your own and your not the person you want to be. Well this sneaks up its not just one day 'I am a sheep command me my liege!' more like a an intravenous drip, when the bag is empty you've successfully become a clone of everyone around you, which frankly leads to incredibly dull conversation. I'm not saying that everyone should go on a rampage of individualism but should just be themselves. A friend of mine brought a book and loved it, then another told him they thought it was awful, he instantly discarded it, but if it made him happy why shouldn’t he keep it?

So just to state this was originally written in summer my feeling about it would have changed if it was the winter time. (I'm not a fan of the cold)

There was a sudden heavy storm, everyone around was running to shelter from the rain, I stood for a while it a piss ridden corner (that unfortunately was the closest shelter) but after a while of avoiding the walls I realised how much I missed truly impressive storms. the start of the day was clear blue sky's and then (within what felt like seconds) the rain started to fall by the bucket load, I made me realise life was unpredictable, so I left the grim but dry corner and stepped into the torrential rain and walked, it felt wonderful on such a hot day, I may have looked like a drown rat but at least I was a happy one. Everyone around me was cowering from it, staring at me like I was insane because I wasn’t doing the same as them, I would rather be wandering in the rain than standing in that fowl corner like everyone else.

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