Thursday, 18 March 2010


At first I was a little uninspired by the idea of the trash project but actually it was kind of nice to make something so straight forward, first year it no secret that I didn’t get on with 3dsmax but now is I’m not having so may problems with it, this project is good because it was only a 3 week project so I didn’t end up getting caught up with it but a bit more clinical. It really is rather satisfying seeing something finished and with time to spare instead of remaking and remaking over and over but still managing to make the same mistakes.

As for life drawing I have just come to terms that I don’t like charcoal there isn’t enough detail or control, I much prefer working with graphic pencils as it is nice to shade with but has the ability of finer details. I have also found I work much better drawing to music as I seem to loosen up and not over concentrate on one area which tends to kill it.

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