Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sell out

Something i have come to realise is that there is a thin line between good and bad but it makes or breaks the game. The worse thing is when a game that you’ve loved for year release one too many titles. It just seems that it’s not good enough having a game that is still entertaining even now that the graphical level of games has improved to a unrecognisable standard, and still making sales. Weird spin off games are made with hardly any real resemblance to the original, take sonic, one of the best loved games, then look at sonic unleashed...sonic turns into a werewolf(or were-hedgehog), when did someone sit there and decide that was a good idea. The whole game has too much boring and slow storyline that doesn’t really make that much sense, tails just appears with an excuse to why he hasn’t been there before and there is a replacement tails handily with amnesia. Basically it one of those games that only sells because of the recognisably title and not because it’s a good game. It a shame that its all about money and not creating good games.

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