Monday, 27 December 2010

A Love Story

This is one article that inspires bad horror movies. At what point did this woman think to hop onto a corpse? Sometimes I wonder what attracts people to a partner but most of the time, in general society a heartbeat is somewhat necessary. But this article had a few parts that really made me chuckle.

1. The place is called Mourning Glory Mortuary

2. She got pregnant

3. Child support!

Unfortunately I’m sure this isn’t a legitimate article. Firstly as there isn’t Mourning Glory Mortuary in Lexington, secondly I seriously doubt you can get pregnant from a corpse. However with Rule 34 ( someone somewhere has probably made a bad taste film inline with this story.

Regrettable in fact I have seen it, trust me you're not missing out.

I have seen some terrible horror films but this is one of the worse, only topped by when evil calls (well actually evil uses texts in this film) and Maniacal (which my friend hated to much he broke the DVD into tiny fragments) it really doesn't live up to expectations of a gory, disturbing and bizarre, Autopsy: A love story only manages the bizarre. a the woman slowly 'decays' the makeup department just slaps a bit more green on, not to mention though most of the film you can see the 'dead woman' breathing! But its does go to that place where it’s so unbelievable bad in every possible way that it become a funny.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The restoration of art

The rain

Sometimes I don't realise I'm being a sheep conforming to the majority even if I'm disagree with them, I suppose sometime no matter know insignificant something can seem, you should do want you, want not is what is expected. Small things lead to bigger ones till at some point your actions are no longer your own and your not the person you want to be. Well this sneaks up its not just one day 'I am a sheep command me my liege!' more like a an intravenous drip, when the bag is empty you've successfully become a clone of everyone around you, which frankly leads to incredibly dull conversation. I'm not saying that everyone should go on a rampage of individualism but should just be themselves. A friend of mine brought a book and loved it, then another told him they thought it was awful, he instantly discarded it, but if it made him happy why shouldn’t he keep it?

So just to state this was originally written in summer my feeling about it would have changed if it was the winter time. (I'm not a fan of the cold)

There was a sudden heavy storm, everyone around was running to shelter from the rain, I stood for a while it a piss ridden corner (that unfortunately was the closest shelter) but after a while of avoiding the walls I realised how much I missed truly impressive storms. the start of the day was clear blue sky's and then (within what felt like seconds) the rain started to fall by the bucket load, I made me realise life was unpredictable, so I left the grim but dry corner and stepped into the torrential rain and walked, it felt wonderful on such a hot day, I may have looked like a drown rat but at least I was a happy one. Everyone around me was cowering from it, staring at me like I was insane because I wasn’t doing the same as them, I would rather be wandering in the rain than standing in that fowl corner like everyone else.

Gurus and Grasshoppers

Personally I think the Project was a success, not only did it help the first years get to grips with 3D but it helped them to ask for help, the main problem we faced at the start was that most of the first years were incredibly shy but after a while they relaxed.
Teaching and helping the first years made me realise that I have learn a lot whilst being here. when the Grasshoppers did turn up and practice they improved drastically in a short amount of time, this made it well worthwhile as well as making up for those that never turned up or submitted.
In one case we found one of the first years was really struggling with most elements of 3D which could have been an issue if he had continued to be confounded till assessment time but hopefully after Mark and me gave him a crash course he will have more of a understanding and been able to correct his previous models for the assessment.
Mark was amazing throughout, he taught them in a way that was coherent but thorough, and he will make an excellent teach one day. Mark really went above and beyond on this and I’m glad that I worked with him on this. It was disappointing that Zonygi rarely attended the meetings, her lack of attendance made it harder for Mark and me. 3rd years should only be part of this program of they really want to be otherwise it lets down everyone.

I defiantly think this program should continue but there need to be some structure for the Gurus to follow, such as a base outline and registers.


For my final major project I want to create something which is bright, organic but with some architectural elements, my first Idea is to create a formal garden earlier in the year I visited Hever castle which boasts impressive gardens surrounding the castle with varying areas such as a woodland area, rose garden but the area is so vast and large area of it a just grass it also lacks the architectural structure which I want to have in the project so I will include so elements of these gardens but not create the whole area, so I looked around at some other possible ideas.

My next idea was to make a small pavilion surrounded by plants but I dismissed this rather quickly as it just didn’t inspire me.

Finally I thought about creating a large greenhouse/conservatory which combines both the architecture and the organic.

This will be around which my FMP will be created the idea is to have the back wall part of a large house that the flows into a domed conservatory this will allow the brightness I was looking for. Within the garden I want a selection of plants varying from trees to flowers and a focal point of a working fountain. The aim is to create something technicality accurate as well as beautiful.

Before the projects starts I will be visiting Kew gardens so I can collect some first hand reference of a interior garden, after all it is winter so there is only a limited number of interesting plants around. Kew Gardens fits the brief perfectly as it is partially situated with a huge greenhouse.