Sunday, 13 December 2009

We're all imperfect people in a imperfect world.

This is in response to the critical studies session, where we discussed time management.

A: This is a weird way of doing things, hope it gets the point across…

N: yeah I know but fuck it, might as well give it a go…
So yeah according to Powell you should get rid of boyfriends and just have causal sex to keep the tension down.

A; Times nowadays call for several people to fund and support a household, respective partners being the norm…But the whole condoning casual sex thing! We may as well cut out the time wasted in the flirting and finding someone and just allocate people to each other…

N; that might not be completely….er…satisfying maybe have it so trying and find your own and if you cant find one then allocation will have to happen. Only thing is there are more guys than girls, suppose they could take it in turns with playing the girl, have a sexy little dress for them to wear and some heels. HA. That would make them squeal!

A; any excuse for the filth! But if we had to live according to Powell’s regime, we would cut down so much time just keeping it in the course! Haha! So what about food? We couldn’t shop or cook, that takes up too much time!

N: well just get a IV drip into the arm, have the PC in the toilet and just live in the loo. Got all bases covered then, eating, drinking and defecating.

A: absolutely! It saves so much time that way! Sleeping? We’ll only be allowed 4 hours sleep, with maybe a rewarding nap of one hour in the afternoons to top up the energy…

N: have you ever seen me with only four hours sleep, the only thing I would be good for is an extra in dawn of the dead.

A: ^^ this is true… I’d pass up food entirely just to fund my caffeine intake! See me last for all of 8 days before dying!!

N: but you can’t remember, you will be on a drip in the loo unless it was a caffeine drip. Don’t forget there isn’t time for personal hygiene so the only people that would have sexy time with us would be equally as grotty Game-Arters.

A: O.o this image makes me want to resort to celibacy!

N: No. I refuse… Who do you think I am?

A: I guess that would be kind of hard… We all have needs! Imperfect people in an imperfect world… ^^

N: haha, I believe that would be a Powell quote right there!
People are much more interesting because of their flaws, almost perfect people (No-one is completely perfect ) are at best irritating and induces a lack of self esteem. Which means that inturn they are flawed, as they cause a negative effect on the people around them. A perfect person wouldn’t do that.

A: saying that people have to be imperfect to function in a society? ^^ that doesn’t bode well for the ideal of all work and no play should be your daily routine, does it? If we’re all imperfect, we wont be sticking to that…

N: well put it this way being bad sometimes is good but perfect people wouldn’t commit crime or do bad things, society and the people within would agree and never fight, if no-one fought and settled down and had families we would suffer from overpopulation. The world works because its brutal, we wouldn’t appreciate the good in life if we didn’t have the bad to compare it to.

A: I love that you think ‘perfect’ people settle down and have kids! ^^ interesting insight… But good point about the good is good because you have the bad to compare it to.

N: well according to society your supposed to work, settle down, buy a house, have 2.4 kids, grow old, get a pension and die in a miserable nursing home with everyone else that’s just counting the last beats wondering what you have really done with life. I would much rather be a little bad and actually have an interesting life that I have enjoyed. Than follow the expected path.

A: I’m thinking that thoughts like these are contributions to the shaping of society of late. Women gaining a bit more independence and wanting to do all the things men want to do and that being acceptable. The only thing in life isn’t being a wife and mother. We want things like sexual liberation and freedom and opportunity in the work place, whatever that may be. From a non feminist point of view, ofcourse.

N: well yeah I think that pretty much sums it up. We want to be free but don’t want complete anarchy, I think we are back to the imperfect world issue again. We will always strive for more than we already have, in the fifties woman would be amazed at the freedom we are now given but yet for the modern day we strive for more than they would settle for.

A: So the whole ‘time is of the essence, enjoy it while you can’ thing… Powell was associating it with work and self development, but we’ve taken that and twisted it to apply to the stuff we were saying which was slightly derogatory. But yet, it still applies… How ironic…

'Real' Dolls

Real dolls are like the elaborate version of a blow up sex doll which is so frequently ripped in films. Real dolls are made of silicone and are flexible realistic plastic ‘dolls’ made for the adult market. The dolls are customisable with interchanging faces so that it looks like more than one ‘girl’. The body type weight and eye colour are all factors that go into designing the doll.

But who actually buys these dolls? They cost a minimum of $6500 and that’s without any of the added ‘extras’. I think what creeps me out about them are that the Dolls aren’t just sex toys to these men but girlfriends, wives and lovers. It just isn’t healthy. Real people respond in a way that dolls cant because THERE PLASTIC!

There is a community of owners that discuss what they can and have done with their dolls to make it like having sex with a real woman, for f**sake they could hire a hell of a lot of prostitutes for that kind of money and they would have already covered the first hurled of making them real because they ARE real! I’m not saying that prostitution is ok but in a way it just seems less strange to me than the concept of these dolls.

I think what bothers me is the unhealthy relationships which develop between man and doll, the doll will never say no and promotes selfishness. The dolls are wrong because of the relationships which develop more than the dolls main reason for creation.


Dante Gabriel Rossetti was one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood a ‘radical’ group which aimed to create real, natural poses. The annunciation was painted in 1850. This is a different view of a common subject matter from around this time. It shows the moment when the angel Gabriel tells Mary that she’s pregnant and for once she looks frightened of the concept of giving birth to the son of god. She is shrinking always for the angel on the bed whilst the angel is trying to reassure her by the gentle hand gesture and the presentation of the lily.

I like this painting because of its simple palette and the soft style to the painting. The folds in the fabric of her dress are simple but beautifully highlighted. When thinking about recreating the image I decided to crop it to just the virgin because I don’t like the fire around the feet of the angel, I also wasn’t that keen of the face either as it looks to much like a orange blur.
This painting took me quite awhile to recreate as it goes into so much detail. But the main thing I found from doing this excise is that a lot of detail is implied by shadow and highlight. When I first started painting it was daunting but the further I got into painting it the more I realised it was just well placed colour and planning.