Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bioshock 2

Bioshock was one of my favourite games until the sequel came out. it had all the elements of the previous game but it felt like the enthusiasm was gone. The quirky parts which within the first game weren’t overly obvious but when taken away made it feel repetitive. Small things like the vending machines no longer say the circus of values when interacted with it. Splicers have been changed so to look more mutated before but there is still there are only a few varying types of splicer which make the world boring and repetitive. The environments however are just as impressive as the first game.

The problem with the sequel is that it seems to take forever to actually get to the interesting part which comes along within the last hour of play when they new and inventive parts a introduced such as seeing the world though the eyes of a little sister.

The thing for me that saves it from true disappointment was the Big sisters, they protect the little sisters interest but the way the move is wonderfully graceful yet creepy. They are designed with the big daddy costume in mind but are slimmer fitting with a large extended needle so they have noticeably grown form the little sisters.

Bioshock 2 seems to really lack the passion of the first they should have left it be and moved onto another new game not making joining every other title which has been any sort of success in the mass of sequels which seem to get blander as time goes on.

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