Wednesday, 15 December 2010


For my final major project I want to create something which is bright, organic but with some architectural elements, my first Idea is to create a formal garden earlier in the year I visited Hever castle which boasts impressive gardens surrounding the castle with varying areas such as a woodland area, rose garden but the area is so vast and large area of it a just grass it also lacks the architectural structure which I want to have in the project so I will include so elements of these gardens but not create the whole area, so I looked around at some other possible ideas.

My next idea was to make a small pavilion surrounded by plants but I dismissed this rather quickly as it just didn’t inspire me.

Finally I thought about creating a large greenhouse/conservatory which combines both the architecture and the organic.

This will be around which my FMP will be created the idea is to have the back wall part of a large house that the flows into a domed conservatory this will allow the brightness I was looking for. Within the garden I want a selection of plants varying from trees to flowers and a focal point of a working fountain. The aim is to create something technicality accurate as well as beautiful.

Before the projects starts I will be visiting Kew gardens so I can collect some first hand reference of a interior garden, after all it is winter so there is only a limited number of interesting plants around. Kew Gardens fits the brief perfectly as it is partially situated with a huge greenhouse.

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