Thursday, 18 March 2010

Catcher in the Rye

A little while back I read catcher in the rye which in my opinion was one of the most over rated classics I have ever read, the whole book seems to be about a irritating boy that wastes his money one ridiculous things not thinking of the consequences, he falls in and out of love with every girl he meets then slates then as soon as they point out that he’s ridiculous human being with no redeeming qualities he rips them. However part of the reason I particularly dislike this character is because he is very much like someone at home, probably the only reason that I continued to read it with sick fascination. The further into the book that I begun to realise that there is really is no point to the book and it really doesn’t warrant the status of a classic. People seem to automatically seem to think that because a book is a classic therefore it must be a good book and that to speak against it to show yourself as a uncouth fool, but why not really all I ever seem to hear (in relation to classic books) how wonderful but difficult they are but surely the reason to read a book is to enjoy it and gain something from it but to struggle though it just to say that you’ve read it seems sadistic. I read want I want to read not what I believe I should read which I have noticed isn’t the case with a few people that I know, one of them is actually attempting to read the Qua’rn purely to prove that she has read it. It should be a education or pleasure hopefully both and I don’t think I will be forcing myself to read anything like catcher in the rye of a long time, after reading that I honestly didn’t want to pick up a book of weeks.

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