Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Mortal Engines

I liked mortal engines, it’s a book I never would have thought of to read but very glad I did, it took a while to get the visual of London but it is a bizarre and fascinating world. The idea that we a human reach and technological peak and then lost it is fascinating when i think of the future its either a steady increase on technology or completely back to basics but this world is still mechanical but just not able to access the old tech.
This was a nice change of project I liked that we could make the vehicle etc without any preconception to what it would look like, which was a problem with the war of the worlds project, having the film version of the tripods stuck in your head does make it a wee bit difficult to design it so it doesn’t just come to another variation of that concept.
It was interesting seeing everyone’s interpretation of the same text, most projects had the similar theme but it’s a bit of an insight to another person’s imagination.

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