Monday, 27 December 2010

A Love Story

This is one article that inspires bad horror movies. At what point did this woman think to hop onto a corpse? Sometimes I wonder what attracts people to a partner but most of the time, in general society a heartbeat is somewhat necessary. But this article had a few parts that really made me chuckle.

1. The place is called Mourning Glory Mortuary

2. She got pregnant

3. Child support!

Unfortunately I’m sure this isn’t a legitimate article. Firstly as there isn’t Mourning Glory Mortuary in Lexington, secondly I seriously doubt you can get pregnant from a corpse. However with Rule 34 ( someone somewhere has probably made a bad taste film inline with this story.

Regrettable in fact I have seen it, trust me you're not missing out.

I have seen some terrible horror films but this is one of the worse, only topped by when evil calls (well actually evil uses texts in this film) and Maniacal (which my friend hated to much he broke the DVD into tiny fragments) it really doesn't live up to expectations of a gory, disturbing and bizarre, Autopsy: A love story only manages the bizarre. a the woman slowly 'decays' the makeup department just slaps a bit more green on, not to mention though most of the film you can see the 'dead woman' breathing! But its does go to that place where it’s so unbelievable bad in every possible way that it become a funny.

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