Friday, 13 March 2009

where do i want go?

Planning for the future has never been one of my strongest points I have always had a tendency to muddle through life trying to do what I like and its has lead me to this point, I don’t regret the choices I have made in life even if some of them were on a whim, it seems that if I follow my instincts I tend to go where I wanted to in the first place. I don’t think I would be who I am if I hadn’t made mistakes, I dropped out of college the first time round but it gave me some thinking time and the second bash at college was much more rewarding as I really thought about my options (whereas I just flicked though the prospectus and ended up with a odd selection of courses) and realised all I wanted to do art and i always had, I just didn’t know what area to go into, so multimedia sounded like a good way of trying different areas. My parents have always said to me to do what I want and never pressured me into a more academic route. During Multimedia I found I liked animation but preferred to make the sets and characters more than the actual animating part and I suppose that’s how I ended up here, though a process of elimination.

As to the future though in still open minded about it for example at the moment I not the biggest fan of 3d modelling but that’s because I find the program difficult to use but once I can use it more fluidly then maybe I will want to do that but at the moment i’m in limbo. Which i’m fine with as once I have decided I know it’ll be for the right reasons and not just on a whim.

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