Friday, 13 March 2009


The Games Developers Conference is the biggest event for anyone within games. There seems to be so many interesting sessions that I really can’t talk about all the ones I wish I could attend. But there are a couple that sound partially interesting.

There is a creativity boot camp (yeah back to creativity again!) which sounds really interesting, the aim of it is to develop your creative mind using practical exercises and is open to any experience level, its to help anyone ‘enable them to see how a nimble creative mind can truly enhance the design and development process.’

Another session that sounds interesting is the stop wasting my time and Your money: Why your game doesn’t need a story to be a hit. Because I really do feel (unless its one of the few genres that can really get away with not having a storyline) I really am a firm believer in a good storyline and ok to many cut scenes is annoying but I just think don’t a truly good game could get by without one, I think it has a lot to do with my personal gaming though.

Master metrics: the science behind the art of game design. This session is based of game techniques from game designers across the world.

Ok I really want to go to this now! (There where so many others that interested me I couldn’t have named them all so I decided on just three.)

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