Friday, 13 March 2009

So Thankyou!

Well first of I would just like to say I have really enjoyed this year and I feel like I have learnt a lot. So thank you.

Ok well I did feel like I was being thrown into the deep end with the 3d but I think that’s because I have never used anything like Max before. So I would suggest a few more small tutorials at the beginning. But I don’t find it quite as difficult to use as to when I started. (Even if it seems like every time heather comes over all I have to show for myself is a different sized box.) As to the Visual design part I really feel like I have learnt a lot and improved for the first time it feels like i’m being properly taught about art instead of just how to fill a sketchbook. I really look forward to ‘Motivational Wednesday’ every time I came out of the morning class I had the urge to work or do something! And the film in the afternoon was a nice way to round up the week as well as (especially during the first term when I didn’t really know anyone) a good talking point with class mates. So I may not have liked all of the films but that’s just personal taste I tend to have an aversion to happy endings.

Thanks :)

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Del "D-Y-D" said...

keep working on the 3d in the holidays!