Friday, 13 March 2009

life changing or career building?

The thing with games they cover so many different areas is that unlike law which you study law then practice it, with games generally you’ll be using the skills that you’ve learned but have to continuously apply them in different ways. Personally I think this course is going in the right direction it makes sense that to be a good 3D artist first you should be a good 2D artist.

All over the internet are complains that students graduating from games courses aren’t trained in the right areas and have been deluded to believe that they will automatically get a job. I think many of the companies are looking for students which will slot right into the workplace without much train that have also got a background with the art area and retain there ‘creativity’ which to be honest is quite a lot to ask how do you thoroughly train someone whilst retaining individuality?

To me school, college and university are about refine and specializing. (How can u know what you want to do if you have only ever done the same thing?) So probably by the end of ‘official’ education I will have a pyramid style of education. (This should continue to grow throughout life)


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