Thursday, 12 March 2009

“As a species were fundamentally insane”

The Mist based on a novella written by Stephen king, the film was written and directed by Frank Darabout. The film wasn’t what I expected from what I heard and the title I thought I would be terrible however I really enjoyed it, the mist had a sinister streak which had nothing to do with the evil creatures but the people inside it plays on the fear of the unknown and the responses of the characters were a result of this. The religious fanaticism was terrifying because unlike the creature it’s real; throughout the world people have been sacrificing to the gods and looked at some higher power to be at fault or to explain the unbelievable.

Of all the creatures the mutant spiders did get to me but that’s due to personal ‘issues’ with them. (i’m ok with them if there not too big, too close or too hairy) the creatures didn’t seem to have a grand plan on taking over the world in fact they seemed just like bigger versions of ‘real’ animals. From what you got to see of them anyway.

This could have so easily been a terrible film of flesh eating monsters coming from the mist because the Army scientists opened a ‘window’ into another dimension, luckily though it wasn’t, the characters in the film made it believable however the main character David Drayton did the classic macho hero thing but it backfired in the end evening it up. The religious Anarchy that took place within the store was the truly horrifying part, within days of disaster the people started to murder each other. As humans we seem to go to extraordinary lengths to destroy others of our kind with wars, homicides mafias and don’t for get nuclear bombs. Even though the quote from the shop keeper made me laugh
“As a species were fundamentally insane” Ollie weeks. I couldn’t quite disagree with it.

I’m glad The Mist didn’t have an overall happy ending with everyone surviving and living happily ever after. Because for the most part it was a happy ending (the world was taken over with the creatures) but not for the main character he had murdered everyone he was with then to find out if he had just waited a little longer he wouldn’t have shot his own son.

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