Monday, 16 May 2011

texturing, unreal, working practice

I’ll be conducing most of the texturing within Photoshop and crazy bump.
The texture maps should be efficient and of a reasonable size with consideration to the asset. I will use tillable textures where necessary and decals to a unique accent to the level.

Unreal Engine Elements
The scene will be presented within the unreal engine, elements I would like to include:
 Particle effects such as water flowing from the fountain
This will need effects such as rippling water, splashing water, flowing water.

 Dynamic lighting to portray the effects of daylight coming through the glass roof
The lighting is to portray a bright summers day.

 Dynamic real-time effects, so the plants move instead of being unrealistically static.
Interactive plants so they sway when the character passes but also move more gently when left on their own.

 I’m also considering ambient sound, such as the rushing of plants and the trickle of water which get louder and quieter depending on where the character is within the scene. Adding sounds to the scene will make it more believable but will also take up time to make.

Working Practice
Instead of making everything in bulk (model everything then texture everything and so on) I plan on modelling, texturing and importing each asset as it is made, to do this the base environment must be made and imported into unreal.
As each model is made it should be checked off the asset list, each asset needs to have the same name as the asset list so that it is easier to track what is made.
The white box should be one of the very first things done for this project, this firstly will check the area is an interesting shape and secondly will mean all other assets can be made to scale.

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