Monday, 16 May 2011

FMP Brief

For my final major project I will be making an environment which includes organic and architectural elements. The environment will be enclosed within an ornate greenhouse which backs off a large building however only the back wall of this building will be visible, the greenhouse itself will be a large curved structure and within it will be my main scene . The plants will be reference from various locations such as Hever castle and Kew Gardens. I will also visit other botanical gardens such as Leicester Botanic gardens. The green house will include a fountain for the focal point.
The scene will be made with 3ds max and Photoshop then imported into the unreal engine where I will add various affects. The area will be set during late spring and during the day. So this will include dynamic lighting.
I will be constructed for the PS3/ Xbox 360; this will be a photo realistic project. The units scale will be in centimetres.
The environment should be bright, colourful and pretty.

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