Monday, 16 May 2011


To start this project I will be researching different Gardens, conservatories and glass houses. This is to find what I wish to include or exclude from the project. The most part of this research will be found on the internet.
To start with I just researched the overall feel of the place, and then moved on to more specified areas such as the structural shape and style of the glass house, then onto plants.
Figure One: I like this for the detail in the windows and the light however not what is within it. I want the space to be bright and warm however also want plenty of plants within the area,

Figure Two: I like this glass house however the space is just too large, I don’t think I will be able to complete an area his large in the time constraints. Also this is to formal, I want my scene to be a private glass house, that is a little more natural. I do like the centre piece which is hanging from the roof; this could be a nice feature within mine.

Figure Four: This is close to what I would like to create there is detailing on the floor an fountain focal point and formal foliage but with a slightly wild quality, it is colourful but not to the extreme. When combine with Figure Five this becomes even closer to what I wish to make.

Figure 5: I love the shape of the roof with its different heights as well as dome in the middle. I also like that the windows have patterned arches at the top. These features would make mine look less uniformed and more that a normal conservatory, that I think is the different between the glass houses and green houses, they aren’t just for growing plants they are meant to be a feature within themselves.

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