Monday, 16 May 2011

More udk

UDK Effects
The main effects I created where for the Fountain which is the focal point of the level. This had the following effects
 Water for the bottom of the fountain
 Flowing Water
 Droplets water (point)
 Droplets Water (cylindrical)

Below is the material for the water which involved a combination of Panners and texture coordinates to create the effect. To make the flowing water I made a similar material which flowed downward to give the effect of falling water. Also another similar material is the one for the glass which creates a slight distortion and pans very slowing so the distortion changes depending on where the character is within the level.

Once these where in place I move onto the particle effects of the water droplets.
I also created an animated Butterfly using the Unreal matinee System.
I managed to get the wings to move but couldn’t get it to move forward and flap at the same time so I have some stationary butterflies.
I Added foliage actors to the majority of the plants so they sway when the character runs through them.

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Henrique Lopes said...

Hi Natalie,
I was wondering if you have a preview of this fountain, specially the falling water.
Im trying to achieve the same effects and cant find any documentation.

Apreciate your help, Thanks