Sunday, 11 January 2009


After hearing all the praise for portal I thought I should give it a go. We’ve had it at home for a while but I was dubious to whether I would like it, to me the concept seemed odd but I was pleasantly surprised when I started to play. I loved this game from the moment I started playing it I couldn’t put it down finally I stopped playing when I got to the seventeenth level and even then I was reluctant but due to the continuous flipping though portals I honestly felt sick.

I got so into the game that I started to talk back to it. (This isn’t something to tell your psychiatrist) I got annoyed with her (the computer) when she tried to burn me in the flames but in my head I actually started to justify it, so when I came to killing her I felt bad. (not bad enough to stop playing mind you) she was trying to talk me out of killing her and I wanted to believe what she was saying however she had so far proven herself to be a chronic liar and whilst all this is going on there is my common sense telling me this is completely irrational firstly because she has been trying to kill you the ENTIRE game and secondly it is only a game.

So to anyone that has doubts about Portal I would say give it a go, however it may cause an internal battle for you as well.

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