Sunday, 11 January 2009

Gameplay to me at least it more important that most other aspects of a game it is how the game plays I know that’s kind of a given but to put it in perspective I bought ICO for PS2 a couple of years ago and it looked nice, it had a ok soundtrack, the storyline made sense and so I put it down to Gameplay, the camera would every now and then do a weird angle which I couldn’t change you had to CONTINOUSLY drag some floating girl out of danger, it was unbelievably linear. But the thing is if it handled better, and shown form better angles then maybe it would be a alright game (it wouldn’t have ever been able to be a great game) the concept was good but somewhere along the line someone thought ‘why not make it a little more cool’ and in the process turned it into a steamy turd.

But back to the question at hand within the reviewing world I think its seen as the desirability of the game which would be easier if it was just called the desirability but after looking into games journalism that is just the way its (bad).

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