Sunday, 11 January 2009

Beauty and substance

I tend read novels and you’ll probably Judgy me on this but….I love vampire stories and I don’t just mean the Anne Rice’s books I mean I love all Vampire novels no matter how cheesy or badly written and the worse part even vampire romance which is cringe worthy and even seems odd to me as vampire romances are so far from what I see a vampire to be. But there you have it one of my dirty little secrets.

However I don’t just read the vampire books, i’m actually quite round in what I read, I love historical fiction, horror modern fiction, fantasy basically anything except crime. What binds the genres (exclude the cheesy vampire ones) are strong lead characters and settings that I can visualise generally if I can’t ‘see’ the story I wont like it.

I have similar taste with films however I don’t mind crime based films. House of flying daggers is one of my favourite films and I can never remember the storyline what I remember is the stunning bamboo forest or the horse ride though the woods with the golden leaves on the floor, it is a truly beautiful film.

I don’t read as much as I used to but mostly I read when travelling or when I need to escape/cheer up, films I tend to watch when bored or with friends and games are for a bit of ‘me time.’ I can get totally absorbed and disconnect from the world for an hour of two. Games should be a combination of both beauty and substance.

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