Sunday, 11 January 2009


To me creativity is simply creating something, when referring to a person being creative I think it’s a want/need to make something this covers all aspects of life you could have a creative way to go to the toilet if you really wanted but what to me it means is to think about something and if its something that is done regularly then thinking about it in a more practical way of doing it or a more interesting way of do it. So I guess what i’m saying is that in my view creativity is contemplating something and trying/making it. But i’m not going to ramble on about what I think it is, so I looked at the definition in the dictionary and the definition was;
1. Having to ability to create
2. Imaginative or inventive
3. A creative person, esp. one who devises advertising campaigns

Which is kind of what I was trying to get at but as usual my way was more convoluted. I then when on to question a couple of people and what came out of that was
someone who create
When you can make out of something else to use it to its full potential.

Which is pretty much what the dictionary has already told me however when Katy tried to explain herself it made more sense (she’s a music student hence in the musical example) ‘I think that a creative person compared to a non-creative changes a cord and places it with another and makes (with knowledge and understanding) a song instead of irritating noise.’(Ok so that’s not her exact words but it’s what she was getting at) I think I agree to a certain extent with that but isn’t everyone creative to a certain extent what defines a creative person from a non-creative person is it that “imagination” (and yes I did corner another friend for there thoughts on the matter) which I get because some people just don’t seem to have a particularly developed imagination which would make it more difficult to come up with a different way of doing something.

“Today’s economy is fundamentally a Creative Economy. I certainly agree with those who say that the advanced nations are shifting to information-based, knowledge-driven economies… Yet I see creativity… as the key driver. In my formulation, ‘knowledge’ and ‘information’ are the tools and materials of creativity.” -Richard Florida

creativity within games is shown in every aspect that isnt already mapped out, its just generally conceived as something ‘arty’. But this isnt true my Dad is a builder and after seeing what he does for so many years what he does as creativity it’s a combination of problem solving and passion for making something that works well and looks good.there are some professions which would make me a bit nervous for example a creative doctor sounds scary (would Dr creative think that you would be without a leg?) and so it seems a recurring thing that creativity is making things but like Richard Florida 'you need knowleadge and information to make profitable creativity' otherwise all that your going to create is The ‘Brain Fart’.

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