Tuesday, 16 December 2008

you've already hit the wall

Game play is essentially how the game plays but it isn't necessary that simple; if a game have a very simple interface then this may make the game restricting and boring but if to complex then the game becomes unplayable. A good definition of game-play is ‘the quality of the players interaction with the game’ in my opinion good game-play has controls which you don't have to think about so that your hands move subconsciously to the keys/buttons. This is especially important in racing games as by the time you realise that you have to brake then found the button you've already hit the wall. The best games are designed by people which enjoy designing games but also have a thorough knowledge of producing them. But also testing games you might be overlooking something that is fundamentally wrong which sticks out to another person. Everyone involved in making the game plays a part in its success, some people have more responsibly than others but this is it be expected. To the games developer it started with a good concept and moves on with trial and error, a game needs to be refined to make it better. When i play a game i like to be absorbed by it, i want to be able to learn the controls quickly, i like puzzle which aren’t impossible. (after spending three hours on the same part i tend to give up on the game completely) To a certain extent different genres requires different design principles, for a racing game hour long levels would be tedious and unless its your thing but its a niche market, however if a strategy game level is only three minutes long then you cant get into the mind set of the game. All games need the basic elements of reasonable graphics, game-play and sound.

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