Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Future......

Games are becoming more and more expense to create and of involves massive teams, the problem with this is that smaller companies cant afford or cant find the funding for some of theses multi-million pound projects and are a risk of being swallowed by larger companies.

Games Developers are driven to create good games which are intuitive and exciting however publishers on the whole are looking for large returns and sure fire profit makes.

Games which have been based on movies or comics already have a captive audience and therefore are more or less guaranteed to make a profit, there is a similar situation with Sequels of pervious games such as Devil may Cry and Devil May Cry 2. if games enjoyed it the first time round then they are likely the buy the sequel.

This is all well and good for a while but there is only so long this can happen before there isn’t any new game to make sequels of. New games are needed to create diversity and a fresh look. Sequels as often within the film industry often don’t live up to the expectations of the audience. But from a publishers point of view new risks could mean possible losses and also require more advertising. EA games only released one new title this year and there the giants, they have the money to and should be investing in new and different games.

Due to pressures from publishers Developers are having to create more cross platform games in order to get their funding, as a result of this new software has been introduced to make this slightly easier, one of these programs is Citroen’s Renderware 3D development (Burnout 3:Takedown used this program)

I would like to see games in the future to have better Narrative and creativity so they weren’t so generic. I like RPGs but I also like a reason for the Violence instead of the whole game is based on the idea that everyone must die which in itself seems like Sadistic satisfaction.

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