Sunday, 13 December 2009

'Real' Dolls

Real dolls are like the elaborate version of a blow up sex doll which is so frequently ripped in films. Real dolls are made of silicone and are flexible realistic plastic ‘dolls’ made for the adult market. The dolls are customisable with interchanging faces so that it looks like more than one ‘girl’. The body type weight and eye colour are all factors that go into designing the doll.

But who actually buys these dolls? They cost a minimum of $6500 and that’s without any of the added ‘extras’. I think what creeps me out about them are that the Dolls aren’t just sex toys to these men but girlfriends, wives and lovers. It just isn’t healthy. Real people respond in a way that dolls cant because THERE PLASTIC!

There is a community of owners that discuss what they can and have done with their dolls to make it like having sex with a real woman, for f**sake they could hire a hell of a lot of prostitutes for that kind of money and they would have already covered the first hurled of making them real because they ARE real! I’m not saying that prostitution is ok but in a way it just seems less strange to me than the concept of these dolls.

I think what bothers me is the unhealthy relationships which develop between man and doll, the doll will never say no and promotes selfishness. The dolls are wrong because of the relationships which develop more than the dolls main reason for creation.


Anonymous Realdoll Owner said...

You have obviously never read by blog check it out some time:

I'm Mrs. ARDO a woman RealDoll owner.

Michael Powell said...

omg Nat, how can you not want to contact that lady! An interesting new lifestyle choice awaits you right there!

Blair said...

I found the next step up from fleshlight - DOGLIGHT

natalie's Labyrinth said...

blair that is so wrong but o so amusing lol